Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote in randomneohatred,
Living To Dream


my acocunt is gone, i changed my pass after that glitchy thing yesterday, we fine went ot logg in i can't get in it, my top pet is GONE...

Anyone know a fast way to contact the staff to get a quick freeze to stop anything else fomr leaging? it's a guild accounts so it has lots of things in it, and lots of money that i'd like to save.

if you think you can get it frozen so i can get it back faster then i can, please do so, the account name is the_battledome_guild it's the leader of the 2nd largest guild in the battledome area...

i'm so scared i'm going to lose years of work to NEO'S STUPID GLITCH

[x posted in all the neo communitys i can find]

edit: frozen... thanks whoever did it (be it you or a guild member) now to see if i can recover it...

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