Went on Neopets to check the news really quick this morning... But, the evil Neopets team makes me refresh each page ten-twenty times to see everything! It keeps saying "Neopets is down for maintenance"! *growls*
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my acocunt is gone, i changed my pass after that glitchy thing yesterday, we fine went ot logg in i can't get in it, my top pet is GONE...

Anyone know a fast way to contact the staff to get a quick freeze to stop anything else fomr leaging? it's a guild accounts so it has lots of things in it, and lots of money that i'd like to save.

if you think you can get it frozen so i can get it back faster then i can, please do so, the account name is the_battledome_guild it's the leader of the 2nd largest guild in the battledome area...

i'm so scared i'm going to lose years of work to NEO'S STUPID GLITCH

[x posted in all the neo communitys i can find]

edit: frozen... thanks whoever did it (be it you or a guild member) now to see if i can recover it...


So supposedly when you do Illusen's Quest, you get the new avatar. I got a page error when I went back to her glade and clicked 'I have the cactus leaf' - It said 'You are not supposed to be here, please return to the glade'. So I did, and when it did, it had only recorded that I'd done one level of Illusen Quests, my cactus leaf was gone, and it said I had done my quest for the day.

Of course, no avatar.

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MOD Application

Alright, I am going to ask a couple of people in just a minute who I had in mind if they would like t be MODS, but I need at least two other people. Please fill out this form and e-mail it to me at If you can't e-mail, leave a note in this post and we will figure something else out.

1. How often are you online?
2. Why do you want to be a MOD?
3. Are you active in your communities?

These, while they would be good to fill out, are not necessary:
4. Do you have any suggestions for the community?
5. Would you be able to help out with creating contest ideas and monitoring/hosting them?
6. Can you help make graphics, layouts, etc.?
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You have probably seen this post in the other communities, but I wanted to post it here, as an explanation for the way things would partly be here. Also, you may have seen that we are beginning to have a layout, and I will be writing some rules up soon, along with a MOD application post =)

First off, I want to apologize to anqi becuase my posts last night almost seemed like I wanted to take away her members of neopianrants. I apologize a million times over for this, and I'm going to exlain better what randomneohatred is, and why I made it.
ExplanationCollapse )

I have posted this anywhere my ad may have been seen, so that people get the full story. Once again, I am very sorry for anything I may have done to upset anyone, and hope that this message sets everything right again.
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I HATE that you can only play some games one time a day such as "Pick Your Own". I've been trying to get the avatar and it's taken me DAYS! I also hate the faerie quests. For Jhundora she gives you like 16 minutes! I remember, once, I forgot about my quest and had to start all over! *complains*
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