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Are you sick and tired of some things in Neopia? An avatar too complex to get, perhaps? A battledome challenger you can't get- or can't beat? Need to vent about it to anyone who'll listen? Welcome to randomneohatred! We here share the same frustrations, the same urge, the same understanding ang willingness to listen! Come vent with us today!

Yes, this is our advertisement..... And it proves well! Welcome to us here at randomneohatred, I'm sure you will..... not enjoy, but possibly be pleased at the venting you will do and find here! Come vent with us!

Also, looking for a few MODs, though I have about 2 already picked..... I need around two more, please comment here if you would like to be a MOD. I want to see how many people are interested before creating an application.

Other then that, there isn't much to say! It's a bit late here, so I will create a layout tomorrow, though I may start on the rules tonight! So, once again:

Welcome and happy griping!
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