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So supposedly when you do Illusen's Quest, you get the new avatar. I got a page error when I went back to her glade and clicked 'I have the cactus leaf' - It said 'You are not supposed to be here, please return to the glade'. So I did, and when it did, it had only recorded that I'd done one level of Illusen Quests, my cactus leaf was gone, and it said I had done my quest for the day.

Of course, no avatar.

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Oh, that sucks!
I'm sorry! That stinks! :(
I hear it's happening to quite a few people
Awww that really sucks!!! Now you can't get the avie!!!
Let me tell you one thing.

For some reason, whenever you click back on your browser to do something on Neo, it prohibits it. Like, if you were at the food shop and had 200 nps for some food you wanted, and you needed 20 more nps so you quickly head to the bank and come back, it'll also give you that error. You are 'cheating', Neo believes. Same with quests/user shops/main shops/anything involving nps.