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You have probably seen this post in the other communities, but I wanted to post it here, as an explanation for the way things would partly be here. Also, you may have seen that we are beginning to have a layout, and I will be writing some rules up soon, along with a MOD application post =)

First off, I want to apologize to anqi becuase my posts last night almost seemed like I wanted to take away her members of neopianrants. I apologize a million times over for this, and I'm going to exlain better what randomneohatred is, and why I made it.

Yes, it is a ranting community, but here is how it is a bit different. I didn't join NeopianRants because I don't use bad language, and I don't enjoy hearing most of it either. So, and this is what I forgot to put in last night, I wanted to make a community where language was somewhat monitored, but not too heavily. I wanted to make it so that some words were acceptable, but some weren't. I, once again, apologize for any confusion and bad publicity I made for either community.

I have posted this anywhere my ad may have been seen, so that people get the full story. Once again, I am very sorry for anything I may have done to upset anyone, and hope that this message sets everything right again.
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